Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25. I feel kind of anxious today. Its personal I guess. Classes were pretty run of the mill. I started my new elective. I really liked it. I had "Tell your story" and I really enjoyed all of the activities that we had. I feel really tired now, though. I'm kind of bummed out though, because I know we will be going home soon, and I know that I'm going to have so much work to do when I go home, I feel like this is my last time to not worry about anything. Yikes.
July 24. I slept all day. It was grrrreat. I then went to the winter Olympics. My team didn't completely fail this time!! We won 3 different events. I am really proud of us. I really like being in Mckenzie's group. She is really nice and fun to hang out with. (lol brownie points (lol jk (lol))) I then slept more. (:
July 23. I went to the farmers market today. I bought a flower for a dollar and gave it to this cute little tiny girl who was crying. It made her day a lot better, and her mom's, too! I had some really nice jasmine green tea, then I got to spend some time with my friends. I really just slept for the rest of the day, until the dance party. I really enjoyed it. I love dancing and I love being in an environment where no one judges one another. It's great! Also, the David Bowie tribute was pretty chill.
July 22. We went to Malibu Jacks today. It was pretty fun! I really enjoyed put put and lazer tag. I was really scared to ride the go carts, because I am notorious for wrecking them. However!! I did one round right before we left, and I did not wreck once, and I also did not come in last. I feel that today was a good day, overall.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 21

We are doing really well in world music! We also presented our info graph in communications today. My head has kind of been hurting for the past couple days, but that is common for me. I'm just glad it hasn't gone into a full blown migraine, I really can't handle those. Other than that today has been pretty chill.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July 20

Today in engineering we built robots and programmed them. I think it is amazing that I have the opportunity to be around such technology. I was a bit too fatigued to enjoy it entirely. I did not partake in Bowling night, but I got to get a lot of my homework done!! Yeet

July 19

Today was pretty run of the mill. We had breakfast, classes, lunch, guk101, electives, and study time. Acting class was really out of the ordinary today, we preformed Suzuki exercises, and I felt like I was in a dramatic karate kid movie. My photo lit class went to the museum today. I really enjoyed seeing the different types of artwork.