Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Perspective

I'm quite upset right now, but it's okay. Let me explain.

When I signed up for gearup this year, busses would not be provided. I live with my grandparents and they cannot drive. My aunt, who I have known more than my mother, lives very close by and is constantly involved in the family. When my aunt heard I was going to gearup again this year she got very flustered and said "Well I'm not driving you up there, I don't want any part of this." When she said this I told her and my grandparents "Okay, that    is fine, this is something I am determined to do and I will find a way with or without your help." Which I did, I managed to get a ride as well as a backup ride.

However, we got a curve ball. A couple weeks before gearup, I get a call from my 13 year old sisters father(we are half sisters). I hadn't seen my sister in years and her father calls to tell me that she has inherited a couple mental disorders from our mother, and she is also in her rebellious phase. My sister had run away. When they found her they recommended that my sister take a break from home for a while, i.e. my aunt.

My sisters father asks my aunt to watch my sister for a month, she agrees. I loved seeing my sister again, it made me very happy. However, my aunt had to work majority of the time, which left me to babysit, I didn't mind.

Then I had to leave for gearup. My sister was meant to stay until a couple days after I returned. However after I left my aunt decided that this was too much work and that my sister needed to go home. My sister went home 5 days after I left camp. Which was not the plan, and very upsetting.

Well before I left for gearup my aunt felt very guilty for making me babysit so much, so she told me she would give me a ride to and from gearup. She drove me here.

Now it is 3/4 days before the end of the camp. And my aunt texts me. She says that she can't give me a ride because her AC went out and it would be really uncomfortable driving up here. She tells me to figure it out.

Now I'm used to figuring stuff out on my own. My grandparents don't have a lot of money and they don't know much about school or college. However I'm tired of these people in my life that are meant to be supportive, always bailing on me because I am nice and capable of taking care of myself. I feel as though if you promise something, you should hold true to that promise. Even if you get a little sweaty.

Even though it has been a huge struggle both financially, mentally, and physically, I'm really glad I was able to get to this camp. I feel like I have learned so much and that I don't have to feel as alone when I am thinking about my future. It's really nice to not feel alone.

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