Sunday, July 17, 2016


(July 15) Today in photolit, we had to write out our names in pictures. It was very challenging; yet being the self absorbed swine that I am, I loved it! I really enjoy doing things with my name-- and no matter what I love partaking in the arts. Speaking of, We did the gallery hop today. I've always loved the gallery hop, I really enjoy seeing such a wide variety of artworks, and trying to determine the underlying meaning as well. 
    I ended up feeling anxious throughout the day. I mean, I was okay. I just felt physically shaky, etc. As someone with clinical anxiety it is a thing I have to deal with at times. I ended up just doing my best to chillax and step back from the commotion for a bit. I ended up being able to talk to my mamaw some, which was nice! Of course, her world was ending.
In her eyes.

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  1. Your blog is BEAUTIFUL! Great combo of visual and written components. Thank you for sharing.